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All-inclusive list of Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria 2022

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Are you trying to launch a product online or build a website? Your hosting provider determines a lot. There are tons of web hosting platforms online but choosing the best suited for your business can be a bit of a serious task. It can cost you one year of “what’s going on here?” moments or “this is great” moments. 

There are several things to look out for. As much as we all want to know what it costs first, this is not the only thing that should be considered. The last thing you want is your website offline on your peak sales day. 

Your web hosting provider is like a landlord that provides you a house for your website to live in. If your house crumbles there’s no place for your website to live in the world of the internet.  

First, we will look at when choosing a web hosting company, then we will delve into our list of reviewed web hosting services in Nigeria 2022.

Here are factors you should consider when choosing a web hosting company.

Factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company

Pricing: Some web hosting platforms offer monthly pricing alongside their annual pricing. Depending on your budget and payment frequency, this might be a factor for you. Pricing differs when it comes to hosting services. Most times it can be a differential value from NGN700 to NGN5,000 depending on the plan offered. 

Another important aspect of pricing is the renewal pricing. Most very cheap hosting services give higher pricing when renewing, than the price you first bought it at. Please note that expensive or cheap pricing does not necessarily affect or determine the quality of the hosting service. 

Memory space: How much space is being offered for a price. Offered spaces range from 2GB to unlimited space. You should consider the kind of website you will be hosting. You would require more space if you will be dealing with a lot of media or if you expect to have heavy traffic on your website. The cost of a hosting service will be usually dependent on the memory space offered, the bandwidth and the infrastructure.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth determines the processing speed of the server, that is the pace at which a server can move data to your website. That pace can be increased if the bandwidth is larger or reduced if the bandwidth is smaller, thereby making the website fast or slow. 

The amount of bandwidth you need is dependent on the size of the data that will be on your website and the amount of traffic that will be coming to your website. 

You would want to consider the amount of bandwidth that is offered on your hosting plan. A small business website doesn’t require so much bandwidth so this should not be a major factor for most people.  

But if you want to host multiple websites and you are looking at a much larger influx of data at a particular space of time, an unlimited bandwidth is best for you. 

Is unlimited bandwidth a myth?

Not really, because when you choose a plan with unlimited bandwidth, then you can expand quickly to a larger capacity. You unlimited plan can adjust automatically but when you have a restricted bandwidth then you site may go offline because it cannot carry the influx of data coming in.

Infrastructure: The kind of structure, framework or application that is available in your server management panel. The infrastructure available in a server helps you manage your server effectively. 

You can install software, upload and store files, generally a place to manage the housing of your website. This might include a Cpanel, website builder and other kinds of infrastructure. Depending on your level of understanding in tech, you might need it or not.

Support: Support is a major aspect of hosting service. Most people don’t realize it until they’re in. Consider if the hosting service support responds almost immediately or the form of support that they offer. 

You will find that you’re more likely to have a reason to engage support after you have hosted a website for one reason or the other. 

Reason why you should Choose a Nigerian Hosting company

A lot of people often have the notion that foreign hosting companies are better and Nigerian hosting companies are merely reseller companies, but this is not the case. However, there are also many foreign hosting companies that do not host their servers in their own data centres.  

Here  are three reasons why you should choose a Nigerian hosting company.

  1. They offer cheaper hosting prices
  2.  They do not increase the price at renewal 
  3. You can buy your .ng and domains from them
  4. You can pay in Naira

Below are 10 Nigerian hosting company 2022


Broaddrive is a reliable hosting company and offers Linux and Windows hosting plans. Their cloud hosting services are on AWS and hence powerful. They have very robust support and the distinctive aspect is their tech support services that helps you more with your website or application.


This is about the most popular web hosting company in Nigeria. Its versatility is top-notch. They offer WordPress hosting, python hosting, cloud hosting, and Windows and Linux hosting. 

Their pricing is also very competitive. The website is user friendly and helps you get around even as a beginner.


Web4africa is a Nigerian hosting company that offers very cheap hosting. Their website is not exactly user-friendly but if you are going for cheap you might want to consider them. They offer windows and Linux hosting and also have 24 hours support. 


QSevers is the second most popular in the web hosting Nigeria space. They are one of the oldest hosting companies. They offer cheap and versatile hosting services. They also have great support.


Garanntor is one of the Nigerian hosting services that has its data centre here in Nigeria. They offer cheap hosting plans and you can count on reliability and support.


Domainking is one of the oldies in the hosting space and offers a wide range of services. Even though their website is not so user-friendly, you can count on affordable offers from domain king. They have 24-hour support.


Speedy Connect offers affordable hosting pricing both for personal and business use. There are windows, Linux and other hosting services available. They also have 24 hours support.

While there are so many out there, these are some of the major Nigerian hosting services available. A lot of these services have been well upgraded today and offer even more than their foreign counterparts put out there. 

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