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Choosing Hosting Plans for your Website

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Choosing Hosting Plans for your Website.

Your website is like your house but on the internet and I think we can agree that there are factors you need to consider before choosing a physical residence. In the same vein, there are factors you need to consider before choosing a Hosting Plans and Services for your internet residence which is your website.
Firstly there are three types of Hosting Plans:

Shared Hosting

This type of Hosting Plan consists of 1 Server being shared by multiple websites [most times up to 100]. The server resources available such as Storage and Processors are shared between the multiple users.
This Hosting plan is usually very affordable because the hosting company like Broaddrive allocates these resources to their users and manage it so that it still performs quite effectively.

VPS/Cloud Hosting

In this Hosting Plan, resources are pre-distributed between users. The Storage and Processor quantity of the server is allocated to each user. This type of Hosting plan is not as cheap as Shared hosting because there are very few users on the server.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name implies, dedicated hosting is a type of Hosting plan that assigns one server to just one user. It requires more expenses than the other hosting plans because it consist of one server which storage and processor capacity is utilized by just one user.

These are the various types of Hosting Plans available and choosing a plan would usually depend on the features of the website you’re looking to host. The Hosting company provides a list of detailed features for their Hosting Plans alongside their pricing. Some features to look out for are:

1. Disk Size

The disk size is the storage capacity of the server that has been assigned to your website. It is what stores your website, its content, its database, etc. Your disk size is very important so you should choose one that¬† mixes well with your website’s purpose, and also bear in mind that depending on the purpose of your website you might have additional data coming in later but fear not, you can always communicate with your Hosting Company to purchase more space.

2. Bandwidth Size

This is the volume of data that is transferred between your website, it’s server and user/users. It is quite important because it determines the quantity of traffic you can have on your site and it also determines the speed of your website. Bandwidth is measured in Gigabytes per second or in Megabytes per second.

3. Uptime

The importance of a server uptime cannot be overlooked. Uptime is the time that a website is available to users. You need to choose a hosting plan that provides 24/7/365 uptime, this would give your website a sustained availability online.

4. Technical Support

Technical supports are similar to customer care services. They are provided by the Hosting company and here at Broaddrive, our Technical support team is dedicated to aiding you resolve any challenges you might encounter and keep your website at an optimal performance.

Worthy Notes:

You should have a new or an already registered/existing domain name for a hosting plan.

  • Hosting plans are registered/renewed annually [yearly].
  • Only shared hosting plans come with cPanel or other software preinstalled.
  • The best Hosting are those hosted on Very GOOD server machines.
  • You should expect a receipt and login details in your mail as soon as you make payment.



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