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Fundamentals of Web Hosting

Web hosting is to a website what coding is to a developer, it is an essential part of a website on the world wide web. For a non-technical audience, this might sound a bit confusing but hear me out…

In this article, I will be taking you through everything you need to know about web hosting which includes:

1)What is web hosting?

2)Importance of web hosting

3)Hosting providers and their services

4)How to host a website

What is Web Hosting

From the preceding paragraph, you can draw a conclusion that web hosting is very important for a website.

In simple terms, web hosting is a space that is rented for a website on a server. It is basically a service gotten from a hosting provider like Broaddrive. This is where the website’s files, images, and contents are stored to make it viewable online, and all these are stored on a server by a host or hosting service.

There are several types of web hosting and they include:

  • Shared hosting: A hosting provider hosts several websites on a server.
  • Virtual private server (VPS): This is a virtual server that is connected to a computer serving several websites but appears to the user as a dedicated server.
  • Dedicated: This is a type of web hosting whereby the client has complete control over all features as a single physical server is assigned to the client.
  • Cloud hosting: This kind of hosting deploys the use of resources of different servers and this results in faster performance of the site.

Importance of Web Hosting

The importance of web hosting cannot be overemphasized; thus, we will be looking at its importance for websites, which are:

  • Improved site Performance: With the increase in the number of businesses gradually embracing the digital space to market their products and services, your website needs to function optimally to keep your customers or audience captivated. Slow-loading website pages can be a hassle for site owners and users as this can make the user lose interest in navigating the website. A high-quality and efficient web hosting provider ensures that the speed on the site is optimal for a good user experience and ranking
  • Improved Website Security: Cyber attackers constantly launch attacks on websites or attach malware to sites which can lead to the loss of all data on the website. A hosting provider ensures all these do not happen by running constant checks and backups of all data to prevent cyber-attacks and secure data.
  • Technical support: This is very important to the website as customers need to be given optimal support while using the site. A web hosting provider is essential to provide the necessary assistance, like ensuring the site functions well at all times and fixing issues on the website.
  • Search Engine Ranking: A slow-loading website will greatly impact search engine optimization, but a fast website page makes the website rank higher in search. A good hosting provider ensures optimal speed to make websites rank higher.

Hosting providers services

Web hosting providers are in charge of hosting websites for businesses and individuals and making them available on the world wide web.

Some of these services include:

  • Disk space: A hosting provider ensures that there is accurate disk space for the storage of files on the website.
  • Bandwidth: This is an essential service that measures the data that can be transferred during a specific time. The hosting provider does this based on the
  • Security: Web host providers ensure that sites are secure and devoid of malware and cyber-attacks.
  • Uptime: Web providers use this to measure the amount of time the website is up and running
  • Domain names: This is the digital address of your digital space on the internet
  • Speed: Web host providers aid the speed of the website by using data with Solid State Drives (SSD) and limited sites on a shared server.All these and many more services are available when using a good web hosting provider like Broaddrive with flexible payment packages and everything you need to run a successful website to yield profits

How to choose a hosting provider

When choosing a hosting provider, there are lots of things to consider like:

  • Website needs: Considering factors like the purpose of the website will determine what kind of website you need to build and the type of website host to choose For example, is the site an e-commerce website for receiving payments or a blog? These factors will aid you in making the right choice of a web hosting provider
  • Look out for hosting providers: whose services include what you want for your website
  • Select a hosting plan: After choosing a hosting provider, go through their plans and choose the one that tallies with your budget
  • Choose a domain: A domain name is the online identity of a website. Choose one that rhymes with your business and resonates with the audience. Follow these guidelines and Tada…. you have a great website that ranks high on search engines

In conclusion, choosing a good web hosting provider like Broaddrive gives your website all the boost it needs in the digital space. Broaddrive is committed to making sure your website is secure and at the optimal speed for easy website use and navigation.

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