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A FREE hosting account for developers.

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[stack_pricing_table layout=”wide” title=”Developer Sandbox” currency=”₦ ” price=”0.00″ button_text=”I need a Sandbox” button_url=”#” label=”Currently Suspended”]1 year only
  •  Free Domain + SSL
  •  Unlimited Emails
  •  Unlimited Subdomains
  •  Unlimited Bandwidth
  •  Unlimited Databases
  •  Anytime Support

NOTE: This service is very important to newbies in web design, web application development, developer training organisations and startups testing out their products online. We beg that you please avoid abuse inorder to help us keep this service running.Terms and Conditions apply

All the tools you’ll need

All our hosting plans are full featured and work across all your favourite web tools.

[stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Globe”]FREE Domain Free domain for upto 5 years powered by FREENOM.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Code-Window”]SSH Access Be powerful and have control from your terminal.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Lock-2″]Auto SSL All accounts are automatically equipped with FREE SSL security.[/stack_cards]
[stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Gift-Box”]Unlimited Resources. A No-limit hosting, full featured server resources.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Gears”]Control Panel Each account is powered by a full featured cPanel.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Add-SpaceBeforeParagraph”]Multi-Programming Langs. PHP5.x – 7.x, Ruby, Perl, Python, etc pre-installed and ready to run.[/stack_cards]
[stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Box-Open”]Sandbox Freedom. Do, Test, and learn all you can – no Restrictions[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Mail-withAtSign”]Secure Email -POP, IMAP & SMTP Access your emails using secured connections from any device.[/stack_cards][stack_cards layout=”small-icon” icon=”icon-Duplicate-Window”]Softaculous Free 400+ pre-loaded web applications to select and install.[/stack_cards]

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