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Finding the Right Target Market for Your Website

Finding the Right Target Market for Your Website

You must first identify your target market for the products and services you offer on your website. No matter how vast your business is, it is not for everybody. Sure, we would like to say that our products appeal to everybody but that cannot be true. When you think like this, you will waste a lot of resources, time and effort showcasing your products to the wrong audience who will hardly engage with or buy your products. You need to be very specific in your knowledge about your target market to get them to pay attention to your business. Good knowledge about your target audience determines how you will reach them, when you will reach them, what methods you will use, right down to the kind of image and text you will use for your website, social media accounts, and ads.

Defining Your Target Market


In defining your target market, start with their demographics. This includes their age, location, income level, education level, gender, etc. Next, consider their hobbies and interests. What do they like to do? Then think about the places they would likely reach you. Would they search online or use social media? If so, what particular social media would they likely be using primarily? Then ask yourself why they need you. What specific reason should they use your services or buy from you? When you know who your customer is, you will know how to talk to them in the language they would understand, you would know what would appeal to them and tailor your brand to focus on that. For example, the language you would use to speak with audiences in their 50s would be different from the one you would use for audiences in their teens or mid-20s. You have to be intentional in your search for your target market.


The Competition

Next, do extensive research on your competition in the market. Look into businesses that are already successful in your industry. Study their websites, their social media pages, their responses to customers, their posts and the type of people that follow them, etc. Chances are, their customers are exhibiting the personalities and traits of your future customers. Search for their niche and their strengths and weaknesses. If you can identify what makes them successful, your job would be a lot easier. Their weaknesses are a great way for you to capitalise. You can turn their weaknesses into one of the strengths of your own business. It can help you to stand out.   When you have identified this niche and done your research, start testing it out. Do preliminary tests both on social media and your website, do a survey on a focus group to verify, compliment or even re-focus the data you have. Showcasing your business to the right audience saves you a lot of resources and increases your sales which is the focus of every business. Broaddive is always available to help. Contact us anytime, any day.

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