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How to Schedule Your Posts on WordPress

How to Schedule Your Posts on WordPress

Updating your website consistently takes a lot of time, planning and discipline. Sometimes you may be very busy with other things, have issues posting or just need to take a break. But there is a way you can manage your post that does not require your actual presence. Let’s say you have a tight schedule for next week or you are taking a vacation and you won’t have time to publish new content on your website or blog. What do you do? Schedule your posts. Yes, we all need to take some time off as that is essential or we may just need a little time to focus on something else. That is true. Time management is essential here. To keep your website/blog regularly updated, you can just create your week long (as long as you will be away) content and schedule the date and time you want WordPress to publish it on your website for you.

Why is consistent Posting Important?

Consistency shows your authenticity and commitment. Customers trust businesses that are consistent for the simple reason that consistency shows them that you are an authentic and committed business person. Is there any working day you will go to the bank and find them closed? Even if the CEO’s mother just died, the workers will still be there, attending to clients. Basically, you can set your watch by the banks. That’s consistency. And because your clients know that you are always available at a specified time,  they begin to trust you, because you show up. Scheduling can also help you take a break for as long as you want without worrying about your web content. This means your business stays open and all you may do is to receive payments or orders.

How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

Before you start scheduling posts, please make sure that your write-up or article is edited correctly, get your pictures together and any other content you need for the posts. Have a clear plan for each post so you do not get confused. Ensure that you set the right time zone so your posts will go out at the time you expect. To change your time zone, go to settings on your dashboard and scroll down to Time Zone. Make the changes you desire

How to schedule posts in WordPress and the necessary tools required

1. Block Editor

With the WordPress 5.0 version and above, you have have access to the block editor anytime you want to publish a post. When you click on Add New post, you will see the Document tab on the right side. Go to Status and Visibility and you will notice that the current post is automatically selected to be published immediately. Click on immediately and you will be directed to a calendar where you can pick a date and time in the future for your post to be published. Once that is done, click on the white space outside the calendar and you will see that the immediately has changed to the selected time and date. Click on the schedule button above the calendar and your post is automatically scheduled to go. If you are using WordPress versions below 5.0, you can still schedule your posts; still on the right tab, you will see that your post is set to publish immediately. Click on the edit button that is next to the immediately button and you will be directed to a 24-hour clock. Choose your preferred time and date and click OK when you are done. Then select the Schedule button and you are good to go.

2. Plugins

You already know that a plugin exists for virtually everything you want to do on your WordPress website. You can use the WP Scheduled Post plugin to schedule your posts. With this plugin, you can easily drag your posts to your desired publication date and voila, it’s done. You can even save your notes for future posts by posting them on the desired date until you are ready to finish up the article. CoSchedule is another scheduling plan but there are no free plans. You can always reach us for help with your scheduling

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