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Tools to Help You Optimize Your Website for Better SEO Ranking

Tools to Help You Optimize Your Website for Better SEO Ranking

We can all agree that the main reason you got a website was to maximize sales right? Well, SEO is the gatekeeper between your website and your potential customers. How? Imagine a customer is looking for a site that sells shoes in Abuja and searches google or any other search engine. Google will show that customer only the websites that are relevant, up-to-date, consistent with posts and many other variables. It is no use designing a website if your SEO sucks. SEO, by the way, means Search Engine Optimization. Note that rankings change almost constantly so you need to update your website with the recent trends to improve or maintain your ranking

Tools for tracking your SEO

There are tools you can use to track your SEO and receive data on your website’s performance so you can improve. These tools are like dreams come true for so many website owners. It’s easier to know exactly what your website is doing wrong than to wonder what the problem is.

1. SEMrush

This tool is basically focused on keywords and gives you data on the number of persons searching for specific terms so you can tailor your keywords in that direction. It is a great tool for researching keywords that would work best with your site posts. SEMrush also gives you details on other businesses in your niche including their traffic, paid ads and their backlinks. Don’t just rush into SEO and be flailing. This tool will help you immensely and as you figure out what keywords should best be used for your site vis a vis the effective keywords being used by other sites like yours. With its spying ability, you won’t have to wonder what other niche businesses are doing. This is not a free tool. Premium accounts start at 99 dollars or you get 10 free results per day.

2. Google Search Console

This tool is like a comprehensive pathway to your website’s SEO. It gives you data regarding what keywords people are using to find your site, sends you alert regarding malware viruses, detects crawl, meta tags or sitemap errors, and monitors the backlinks of your website. This tool is absolutely free and completely necessary.

3. BuzzStream

This is like a stream of services ranging from email marketing, domain search, managing projects, and others.  With this tool, you can collate a pool of keywords and it would give you information about other websites that use those keywords, overall ranking of your competitors, even social media accounts.  It starts at 24 dollars per month.

4. HubSpot’s Website Grader

This tool grades website. All you need to do is to enter the domain name of the website and it will create a report about that website containing SEO, site security, performance, and user experience. All of these are factors which directly affects your SEO. It also gives you tips on improving every aspect of SEO ranking. It is free to use.

5. Linkody

This tool is all about links. It shows you who and who is linking an article or text or video to your website and gives you the option of dis-allowing a link. It can also help you create reports for clients, connect you with Google’s analytics and keeps you updated on your site’s social shares. It starts at 14 dollars per month for two domains.

6. WooRank

This tool scores your website first, then proceeds to give you insights and tips on how to improve your SEO ranking. It has a top value recommendation and is known for its accuracy. This is a great way to check out the performance of your website and get a machine calculated tips on what you need to do to improve your website’s SEO ranking.

7. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This tool helps you get estimates on how much traffic a keyword will generate. It also shows you their Adwords price so you have an idea of how competitive and how many website owners wish to use that particular keyword. It shows you the Cost Per Click volume on the keyword and helps you better plan your Ads or keywords for posts. It is free. No matter how much planning and thought you put into your content, it must be optimized to get the best results which will ultimately lead to better sales. Try out these tools and you can Contact us if you need our help.

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