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Top Free Wordpress Themes for Business and Magazine

Top Free WordPress Themes for Business and Magazine
From static themes to responsive designs to parallax effects, WordPress themes have truly evolved. The WordPress community has millions of users and is generally accepted as a go-to web design community. WordPress has tons of free themes to get you started at just a single click. It is important to mention also, that, some free themes on WordPress are not really safe to use. But, some of these free themes can help you get started with that website or blog.


Some persons may be averse to using free themes professionally because they feel the quality is sub-par. Yes, a free theme will definitely have fewer features and customizable layouts but, a free theme is still as good as any other theme and can be used until a preferred theme is selected and paid for. A free theme would still look very professional and be very responsive. Here are three free themes that you can use for your professional website.


This is the closest that you’ll get to a website designed professionally by a team of web designers. It is beautiful, elegant and it adds everything that will make the website or blog look professional. So, if you own a business (personal brand) this is the theme to go for.


Astrid is one theme that does more than it looks. The header logo is large enough for branding purpose, it supports Woo-commerce if you want an online store, the fonts are superb and the freedom to choose between colors is another reason why you should use Astrid theme.


This theme is probably best if you offer services. It looks professional enough to bring credence to your work. If you want an online office space as a service provider, the flash theme has got you covered.


You know how beautiful magazine designs look like right? Do you know that some free WordPress themes can get you something close, if not better than the print magazine you’ve seen?


This is a great theme for an online magazine, especially if your magazine is based on fashion and/or food?  From its layout, design, and presentation, this theme is said to be so beautiful that it will trigger customer loyalty.

Newsmag lite

For an online News magazine, newsmag lite is the best answer. It is designed with the feel of a professional news website in mind. If you also want to run an online journal, this theme could serve. It comes with pre-installed social media icons. Other themes include; Neve, Talon, and Zakra. These three are suitable for an online magazine, journals or just for posting regular updates online. They have great fonts, layouts, and presentation. Setting up your business online is not as expensive as you think. Take advantage of our affordable hosting plans, free domains, and these great themes today. We are always open for you.
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