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Difference Between .com and .ng Domain Extension

Difference Between .com and .ng Domain Extension

There has been questions regarding the difference between .com and .ng domain name extensions when registering a domain name for your website. The big question is: what is the difference between .com and .ng ? In this article, I will try to give the differences and their PROs and CONs so that you’ll be able to decide for yourself when next you want to register a domain name for your website.

First, what is a Domain Extension?

A domain extension is the letters you choose to use at the end of your domain name. Eg, with, our domain extension is .net. There are others including .com .ng .dev .io .org and many more. You could also choose to have a double extension, like or The purpose of this will be explained later.

.com and .ng

They are both Top-Level Domains (TLD). The .com domain is a generic Top-Level Domain(gTLD) while the other is country-code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD)

The Difference

The .com domain is generic and it is used when you want to target a global audience, while the .ng domain extension is used to target Nigeria audience. Although one targets a global audience and the other doesn’t, they will still be seen worldwide. It’s just that for SEO (ranking on search engines) a website with a .ng domain extension will rank highest in Nigeria. This means when a Nigerian based in Nigeria searches for any content that can be found on that website, the search engine will automatically show him or her the website with the .ng extension. While the .com extension has the tendency to get lost in the crowd. Generally, search engines, wants you to attach a second or even a third level domain extension because it will help in targeting the audience and bringing relevant content to the relevant audience. So, if your business targets Nigerians, then you will be doing your website a favor by going for a .ng extension or a second/ third level domain extension. In Nigeria, we also have 10 other third level domain extensions. They are,,,, The other 5 are for qualified institutions,,,, Now, one major reason to use a .com domain extension is that it is by far the most popular on the web with over 130 million users. Nigeria domains in total are a little over 100 thousand users out of 30 million websites owned by Nigerians.

Other Factors to Consider

The .ng domain extension is more expensive than the .com or the domain extensions. It costs around N16,000 for a .ng domain, N4000 for a .com domain and N2,000 for a domain extension annually. However, you can get a free, or domain when you purchase a hosting plan with Broaddrive.


If your business is on a limited budget, then a domain will be fine.  However, if your business/website has a global target from the onset, please go for a .com extension. If you are targeting only Nigerians, then, .ng or will be fine. Alternatively, you can use the .com and .ng together for your website and redirect one to the other. This means you can buy the .com and .ng domain extensions for your website ( and and redirect one to the other so that if someone visits, they will be redirected to This aids visibility and SEO reach. If you need our help with any of these, please reach us and we will work it out for you.

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