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Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website

The concept of responsive websites is one of the most discussed concept in website design today and for good reason too. A responsive website for your business will do your business more good in this day and age.


Responsive website design is a term used to represent how a website appears (representation and layouts) on different screen sizes of devices. That is how the design of your website will  appear on a PC versus how it appears on an Android device while keeping its features.


In recent times, the way a website appears on a PC is usually different from that of an Android device because the screen sizes are different and some features can get lost in each device.

For example, have you ever visited a website on your phone where you had to scroll to the left/right of the screen to use a feature? That cannot be a great experience. We expect that a website’s features will fit into the screen of whatever device we are using at the moment. For any business owner looking at the possibility of succeeding online, then a responsive website is a must. Statistics have also shown that users tend to use mobile devices more when visiting websites. Now consider how much damage you will be doing to your business if your users don’t like how the website appears on their screen?

More Reasons….

  • It helps with user experience. User experience deals with how users flow with the content of a website. How will users feel when they surf from a desktop and from an Android device.
  • It is cost effective. Look at it this way, you pay a web designer to design a website for a specific screen size – say for desktop and you discovered that your users visit more from a mobile device, you will need to pay extra to design separately for mobile devices. Why don’t you just pay for a responsive website?
  • Mobile users. Truth is, chances of success depends on those using mobile devices. Generally, we are more comfortable surfing the internet from our mobile devices – Android and iOS devices. Just imagine how much money you are leaving on the table if your website is not responsive.
  • Your website tends to rank higher on search engines. User experience helps in search engine ranking. If your users feel great, they will visit more often, and if they do, search engines see the website as relevant thereby proposing the site to others. This means more traffic to your website.
  • “Write once, run everywhere “. This is Java’s slogan. It is used to tell programmers that once the code is written on a Mac for example, it should appear and perform the same way on a windows device. Applying this to website design, it means you can use a responsive website on a mobile device without the need to maintain the site on different devices.

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