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Website Template

Website Template

Do you know you can get a FREE website template with every hosting plan you purchase from Broaddrive? Most start-ups operate under a strict budget and sometimes, the cost of buying a template may be too much for that budget to handle. This is why Broaddrive offers a free website template with every hosting plan you purchase, as a start. Note, however, that free website template may be obtained for a while but you will need to upgrade to another template, one that suits your business, defines your brand and guarantees a great user experience.

What is a Website Template?

A website template is a pre-designed webpage resource that showcases the structure, layout, and display of a website. It allows the user to change images, texts, fonts, etc in order to create their own website. This means you don’t need a developer to write code and build your website from scratch, that can be very expensive.

Why is a Website Template Important?

1. Brand Building Your website is your online office; it is the first thing people see when they walk into your shop. Is it beautiful, well-arranged and Is it easy to use? You have approximately three seconds to make a good impression on your site visitors. What they see about you in that three seconds matter because it defines you and the seriousness of your business. If unimpressed, they will easily switch to a competitor’s site.

2. Trust A great website design builds trust between your business and customers. When a customer notices the attention and thought you put into your website, they will immediately trust that you are thorough and will offer the same attention in your business. An inviting website with a modern and bright outlook gives a welcoming feeling to clients, shows them that you are up-to-date with trends and efficient.

3. It Sets You Apart The truth is that in today’s current business world, if you slack, someone is already there to push you over and take over. Your competitors already have great website designs and they are not afraid to use it, get it? If you want to be noticed in the vast sea of the internet, you need to set yourself apart. A great way to do this is to have a unique and beautiful website template.

4. Ease of Business A quality website template will showcase important information about your business right in front so that your site visitors will have access to this information quite easily. Your social media share buttons are also easily located and used. This begins to build your online reach and recognition. Now, deciding to start with a free template gives you time to learn how to use templates and to know the exact template that would suit your business. This gives you time to raise money for an upgrade

How to Get a Free Website Template with Broaddrive

You can add the “Free Website Template” as an addon when buying a hosting planReach us for more information.

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