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Google Adsense Integration

Google Adsense Integration

What is an Ad-sense?

Ad-sense is a way for website owners to make money through their websites. This  works when website owners give Google access to run Ads in their websites and they get paid for it. Ad-sense is sometimes  confused to be Ad-words, though they sound familiar. Ad-words are for advertisers who create ads and give to Google to publish on their search engine or display network. The Ads is then put on your website and you are paid. Ad-sense is for publishers, Ad-words is for advertisers, marketers, etc. Ad-sense is very simple to set up.

All you need to do is create an account with Google Ad-sense, and then add the source code to your website. You get paid per click, meaning you get paid every time a visitor comes to your site and clicks on the ad. Previously, some website owners tried to be dubious by clicking the ads themselves. Google figured this out and started penalizing them. Google then pays you 68% of the click price for every ad clicked on your site and keep the rest as a commission fee.

What you should know about using Ad-sense

In using Ad-sense, you must first ask yourself if your website is generating a lot of traffic. If you are generating very minimal traffic, ads may just drive visitors from your site. However, there are exceptions to this, being that a website that is growing rapidly and shows potential can absolutely use Ad-sense. One of the advantages of Ad-sense is that it guarantees security both for advertisers and publishers. This is because Google who is acting as the intermediary will conduct searches and probes to ensure that every Ad and Publishing website is safe and secure.

Be rest assured that the Ads Google will place on your website will be relevant to your website content. In setting up your Ad-sense account, you will be able to select the type of ad you want on your website, text, image, video, etc and WHERE you want the ads to be. This is basically for making side-money from your business. What are you waiting for? Contact us and we will integrate Adsense to your website and you too can start getting paid.

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