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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance
Just like every other thing, your website too needs regular maintenance. While you cannot check the engine or change the oil and what not, website maintenance is an intrinsic part of owning a website. Rest assured that you need to regularly update your website, its integrated software and fix issues and errors. A well-maintained website increases your SEO and Google rankings, prevents errors and forestalls mistakes/issues. Regularly, you must check that the information on your website is up to date, including new products, current prices, phone and email listings, etc. A well-maintained website assures your customers of your seriousness and credibility in the industry.

Why You Should Maintain your Website

Images: Image, they say is everything. Your website represents your entire business and if your site is full of mistakes, broken links, dead pages, and old, useless information, it creates a bad image for your business and destroys trust in your competence. Search Engines: You need to constantly update your content to stay relevant with search engines. Websites that have old content usually rank very low with search engine listing. Even Google will check when last your site was modified before it will let it be shown during search engine listing. This can lead to loss of profit over time.

How to maintain your website.

Weekly Maintenance

  1. Post new content to stay relevant
  2. Check for broken links, spams and fix
  3. Update software and plugin
  4. Check the loading time of your page, forms and update records if necessary.
  5. Redirect all 404 errors

Monthly Maintenance

  1. Review your analytics and make informed changes
  2. Ensure security is in place

Yearly Maintenance

  1. Review and Improve your website design
  2. Test your website on all devices to see how it loads, its load speed
  3. Make necessary automation, updates for software and plugins and yearly reference
  4. Check for typos, errors, and mistakes
  5. Renew domain name and hosting plan
  6. Review email addresses and update/change where necessary
  7. Check SEO for effectiveness
Maintaining your website is not a vigorous chore, it’s quite simple and very necessary. Every day, software and plugins are getting new updates that make handling your website even easier than ever before. Nowadays, routine checks can even be automated. Website Maintenance is also one of the services we offer. Reach us today.
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