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Why SSL certificate is Important

Why SSL certificate is Important

Clients in this age and time are armed with information, especially when Google can give them answers at anytime, anywhere. So your clients expect some basic things from your website, one of which is security, acheived with SSL certificates. Your clients need to trust that your website is safe and that they can trust you and your business in anything. Now, most consumers know that they should see the little lock icon and https that shows up when you are on a secure website. Infact, Google has made this so important that when clients log on to an insecure site, it is flagged as insecure. Nobody would want to buy anything from an insecure site or even give them their bank details.

The Importance of SSL


Some consumers don’t trust putting in their credit card or bank details because they are afraid of breaches. Yes, nobody wants their details hacked and used for ominous reasons. You need to let your clients know that they can any information they release to you would be safe from breaches and hackers.  It is basically part of your responsibility as a business to provide a safe space for customers to shop in safety.


An SSL certificate will increase your SEO efforts with search engines. Because your site is secure, it will be one of the first sites shown to searching customers. Let’s face it, the main reason you got a website is to increase profit and visibility by reaching more clients on the web. Without an SSL certificate, you are indirectly sabotaging your best efforts. We know that most people do not go past the first Google search page. The likelihood of them getting to the page where your site is listed is basically too low.

Types of SSL

  • AutoSSL:

    This is called automatic because it is enabled and active through your cPanel and also automatically renews the certificate to your domains. You also have the option of removing it from your site by turning it off in your cPanel. Note that this is not advisable as SSL certificates are trusted by 99.9% of internet users. Luckily, this one is free and available with every hosting plan you purchase from us at Broaddrive. Get started here.

  • Comodo SSL:

    With this, protecting your customer transactions is faster and cheaper. This SSL is great for small and medium businesses who wish to enjoy premium level of security for their site.

Protect your site today. You can contact us if you need our help with SSL.

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