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Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Integrating your social media accounts to your website is a great, productive and effective means of marketing/publicity. By social media account, we mean your business accounts, not your personal accounts that are saturated with your pictures. The first step is to set up social media accounts for your business that is dedicated to showcasing your products.

Here are some ways to integrate social media 

  • Social share and follow buttons

These are buttons that site visitors can click in order to like, follow and share your social media accounts directly from your site. This is important as shareable content increases awareness for your website and your product. It also enhances user experience for your site visitors. Imagine if you have great content on your site and a client wants to share that particular post/product with friends, how do they do that? By integrating this, you help to increase your visibility to friends and followers of your site visitors, increase your social media following and gain credibility. We understand that some businesses focus on one or two social media networks so please, make sure your share/follow button only leads to the social media networks that you primarily use for your business.

  • Social Proof

One varied way to induce sales and credibility is to integrate social proof to your site. This means your site visitors get to see how many people like/follow your page, including their friends and associates. 79% of customers trust social proof as much as personal recommendation. It acts as a source of credibility when a site visitor sees that some of their friends like and follow you on social media, including the thousand others follows and likes you have gathered. You can integrate the Facebook social widget to your website for this. With this, you can increase traffic and following of your social media account.

  • Live Chat

It’s important that you create easy ways for your customers to reach you as soon as they feel the need to. While emails and calls may work, do not forget that chatting is a lot easier and convenient than those two. Live chat enables you to immediately respond to client’s inquiries, complaints and issues immediately.  Note that 74% of clients decisions to patronize a business is actually influenced by social media.

  • Social Sign-Ins

Have you ever gone to a site and they invited you to sign into their site with your social media account like Facebook? That is called Social Sign In. The benefit of this is that site visitors can sign in without creating a new account which can be sometimes annoying as they have to create new usernames and passwords. Oh, one more password/username to remember. When faced with this inconvenience, many visitors decide it’s not worth the time and log off but when you offer them the convenience of signing in with Facebook which is already signed in on their phones or laptops, the inconvenient part is forgotten. Secondly, site visitors can comment on your blog /posts easily. Again, signing in to comment can be a bother and the more comments your posts gather, the higher the visibility. You also get instant feedback from customers and this encourages discussions amongst themselves or with you. Here, a client relationship starts to get developed. Integrating social media to your website has far-reaching benefits and is part of our services here at Broaddrive. Just reach us and we will take things up from there. Find out the benefits of this integration here.

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