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6 Productivity Tools that Saves You Time

6 Productivity Tools that Saves You Time

One major problem every internet entrepreneur will face when running a blog or website is the issue of time. We all at one point say, “I don’t have time “. Well, there are tools that can save your time and increase productivity. They help you concentrate on more important work while they cover for social media sharing, editorial calendar creation etc. They also help with some important work too like keywords research. There are tons of productivity tools out there. Some of these productivity tools are:


With Canva, design becomes easy. You don’t need to be a graphics designer anymore to create well-edited images for your blog or website, social media pages, create infographics, etc. It runs on mobile devices as well and the interface is super easy to use. It’s free, but each premium image cost $1.


In recent time, cloud storage has grown and its importance can not be overemphasized. Dropbox is a cloud storage tool that helps you save and use what you uploaded. All you need as an email and a password. Anything you save to Dropbox can be accessed anywhere. It is also available on mobile devices as well. It’s free for 2GB storage space, additional storage space starts from $9.99.


Grammarly is a simple, online grammar checker tool. It runs on browsers like Chrome or Firefox and it’s easy to use. Download the file and install. As soon as that is done, you synchronize it into your browser and you are good to go. It checks for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. It’s free, but, the premium plan starts from $29.95/month.


Evernote is a simple, stylish note-taking application that allows you to take notes on the go. It can run on your Android device as well as your PC. The beauty of Evernote is that you can take notes on the go and you will have all your notes in one place for immediate or future use. It is free but, the premium plan starts from $5 per month.


Trello is arguably the best project management tool that is highly recommended for everyone to use. It has a very simple user interface that is for you to use. You remember what you do with sticky notes? Trello helps you do that and also, attaches start and finish dates, files, and collaborate with others. It has a simple drag and drop feature that helps you move the cards across the board. It’s free, but, the premium plan starts from $5 per user for a month.


Buffer is a simple social media sharing tool. It allows you to schedule updates, gives you real-time analysis of the update’s performance and find great content to share. It is free, paid plans start at $9.99. These are popular tools used and trusted by millions. They help you improve your productivity and saves you time. You can reach us for more.


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