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Why Your Products will Sell Better with a Website

Why Your Products will Sell Better with a Website

Starting a business can be crazy and scary at times, especially if you are new to the business world or that particular industry. Good news is that while it can be scary, it is now relatively easier to start a business with the advent of the internet. One scary part of a business is deciding the right location. This decision is vital because the right location determines the number of customers, the quality/type level of clients, the publicity and the overall success of that business.

There is one important location your business MUST be situated at. That is The Internet via a Website. Let me tell you why;

Location A physical location is good for business, yes but it is very limited. How? Only the people around that area actually know about your business and will buy from you. Even if you tell people outside that environment, they would still have to locate the physical address which we know can be cumbersome.

Cost Anyway you look at it, having an e-commerce website is much less expensive than an actual shop. Think about the rent you would have to pay, the staffs you may have to employ and pay, the taxes and tax officials who come up with new fees every other day, the cost of fuel and generator, setting up the shop, etc. The list is endless and can be vastly overwhelming. To set up an e-commerce store, you need only pay for a domain, web hosting, and marketing, which is very cost effective. Broaddrive even offers free domains with every hosting plan you purchase starting from 5,000 naira. Our website offers are also competitive, starting from 30,000 naira. Isn’t that cheaper than paying rent?

Online Sales Every year, the amount spent on purchases online doubles and triples. This is because more and more people are buying from online stores. And why wouldn’t they? Its super convenient. They don’t have to go from store to store, looking for a particular product, wasting time and resources when they can sit at home and find exactly what they are looking for, pay for it and have it delivered. In 2017 alone, people spent 450 billion dollars in online purchases. Oh, what if your business could get some of that money?

Easy Payments With a website, you can collect payments on the spot by using online merchant payments like Paystack. This option of paying immediately means your customers can pay immediately. To know all about payment gateways, click here.

Online Marketing is cheaper and much more effective Let’s say you want to market your physical shop and you go to a radio or TV station. There is no guarantee that your potential customers would be listening to that particular station at that particular time. The station cannot assure you that your advert will reach only the people who are likely to respond by buying. No.But online marketing can. When you advertise or market online, your ads will reach only the people who are interested in your product. Your ad can tell you exactly how many people saw the ad and whether they liked it. Your ad can lead to direct sales with just the click of a button. The best part of it is how cheap it is. You can determine the amount you want to spend on ads and can stop the ad at will. Now that is value. You can read about online marketing here. We can set you up with a website in a snap. Just reach us here.

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