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Top Integrations for your E-commerce Website

Top Integrations for your E-commerce Website

The goal of every e-commerce website is to attract customers and make sales, leading to profit. For your website to be productive, it cannot stand-alone. You will need to integrate some software to optimize productivity and get a website that sells your products without any human interference. To learn about integration, click here. These are software that have been built to help your e-commerce website perform better in diverse ways if they are added to your website.


Shopify is a standalone online shop builder and also available as a plugin. This means you can use shopify to create your own online store AND you can add it as a plugin to your WordPress website. The most important features of shopify include their access to sell your products across multiple channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay. This opens your products up to a whole wide market range. Its features also include an inventory system that helps you manage your products, receive payments and process shipping orders. If you need help setting this up on your website, you can reach us for help.


This plugin is considered to be the best plugin for WordPress websites. Even though shopify and others offer similar service, with woocommerce, its free and it gives you more control over your website which is vital for a business website. Woocommerce is not restrictive in themes and features as it integrates very easily with WordPress. This means you can enjoy all of its features without any restriction or limitation you would experience with other e-commerce software or plugins. Once woocommerce is integrated into your site, it becomes a functional online store. Its features include payment gateway, shipping information, product upload in bulk amongst others. It also offers unlimited upload so you can add as many products or pictures as you want without any fear. Setting up woocommerce on your site is very easy. All you need is to install and activate. If you need us to help you with this, please reach us here and we will be happy to help. To set-up your wordpress website at affordable rates, we are also glad to help.

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