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How to Login to your cPanel

How to Login to your cPanel

What is Cpanel ?

You may have come across the word cPanel and wondered what it really is. Have no fear. For those that are less technically inclined, cPanel is just an easy interface you can use to manage your website and hosting account. This is important because you are better able to manage all the features you are entitled to in your hosting plan. With it, you can create custom email addresses and passwords, create subdomains and install any software of your choice to your website.

Warning: However, note that using cPanel is very technical and dangerous because one mistake can erase your website and you would lose all data completely. This is why it is important that you allow a professional to handle it and make changes for you, just like we do for all our clients in Broaddrive. It has various advantages; it is easy to use, saves money and time, has plenty of tutorials/online support and it includes software auto installers. Its most dangerous quality includes its overwhelming features and the ease with which important settings can be changed, leading to loss of website data. Logging into your cPanel is easy. Just add cpanel after your domain name, example, For help with cPanel and your website, you can reach us here. We would love to hear from you.

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