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How Google Analytics Will Help Your Business

How Google Analytics Will Help Your Business

Every business owner has the intrinsic need to know what parts of their business resonates well with potential customers, leading to sales. It is also imperative to know what business efforts are not productive enough. This is extremely valuable as it would outline working strategies and streamline business resources to productive strategies and posts. The problem is, how do you know what your users want and what strategies or products they relate with the most? The answer is Google analytics. It’s a one-stop shop for all your metrics and their dimensions. Metrics provides you with all the information you need that will, in turn, increase the chances of a successful online business.


  • Knowing what people click the most on your website.

On the content menu, Google page analytics pulls up all the pages on your website and shows you by percentage, how each is working. This can help you make changes and concentrate all your efforts on what’s needed and do away with what isn’t. That way you get to create only efficient content that will resonate well with your audience. Isn’t that cool?

  • Knowing where your visitors are coming from.

Another reason to use Google analytics is to show you the exact location (dimension) of your best site visitors and their numbers (metrics). Knowing the location of your website visitors will help you create contents and run ads campaign that fits into their location. At first glance, you’ll see all the countries of the world and figures (in relation to the number of visitors) and if you select one country, you are then exposed to more figures from states or cities. Example, entertainment news in Nigeria will not always bring back your audience if they reside in the USA.

  • Identifying where people leave the shopping cart.

A major cause for concern for owners or operators of e-commerce websites is, at what point does the user decide not to buy again? With Google Analytics, you’ll get a good answer. By clicking on goals and creating a goal type, you can identify the point at which the user decided not to buy again. That way you can address the issue and make more sales.

  • Identifying your best performing content type.

This causes probably the biggest headaches for online businesses. Online business owners always ask the question, how do I create content that meets the needs of my consumers? From the content menu, you can view statistics as regards all your content and how they are performing. This way you can determine the type of content that keeps your visitors longer and also using the call to actions on your content, tell where next they visit on your website.

  • Visualize what gets clicked the most

From the content menu, you can view statistics for your page analytics. You can view the way visitors peruse your website using the cursor and what they click on the most, enabling you to create similar Call to Actions and/or products.


You can do much more than this on Google Analytics, because, it was built to answer all your needs as far as data (metrics) is concerned. These metrics measure the success of your website, identify areas of failure and helps boost your productivity.

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