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Securing Your Website with SSL

Securing Your Website with SSL

Almost all data is online, and at a time like this where even banking transactions can be done online, the importance of securing your website is of topmost priority and one sure way to do this is using an SSL certificate on your website. Adding this certificate to your website gives it a layer of security. Have you seen ‘https’ just before a domain name before? It looks like this: The ‘s’ is the difference and it’s added only after you’ve added an SSL certificate to your website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is used to provide encryption to data going out or coming into your website.
Do you remember the https example in the introduction? Websites have always used hypertext transfer protocol – http to send and receive data among online sources, but as time went by and the use of the internet changed, http could not guarantee the safety of users’ data, hence the need for a more secured gateway. SSL allows for more secured communication between web browsers and web servers.
So, as soon as it is installed, http changes to https, and data such as passwords will be encrypted (hidden) for only the web server and the user to see.

Why SSL Certificate?

One major reason your website needs an SSL Certificate is that Google will start penalizing any website without an SSL certificate with a ‘not secured’ sign, thereby telling your customers not to use your site. This reduces the credibility of a website, while the websites with the certification will be made available and with the secured sign to boost their credibility. Other reasons include: secured passwords, safe transactions, protecting customers data and encryption of other sensitive data. With hackers running wild these days, it will be your own undoing if your website falls prey to any.

How to get an SSL Certificate?

Do you have a website that accepts data from users, conducts transactions, has a payment gateway and subdomains? Be rest assured. Broaddrive offers free SSL to any hosting plan purchased. To upgrade to a higher certificate, especially if your website does any of the above, then contact us at and we will get you a certificate that suits the exact need of your website. You can click here to go directly to our SSL page.

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