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How to Register Your Domain Name on Broaddrive

How to Register Your Domain Name on Broaddrive
Sometimes, people reserve their domain names even when they are not yet ready to build a website. Why? This is done so that the domain name is not registered by another user. For example, if you prefer your website to be called but for some reason, you are not ready to build the website yet, you are advised to buy the domain name, so other businesses who would prefer the name do not snatch it up.

Getting Started

1.Whatever the reason may be, if you want to register a domain name, log on to

2. On the top right corner, choose domain and click on register your domain 3.You can also scroll down and click on register your domain 4. In the search bar, type in the name of the domain you want to buy and click search. The search bar will tell you if the domain name is available for sale and how much it would cost. It also offers suggestions in line with the name you have chosen. 5.Choose the name you want that is also available for sale and click on Add to Cart, then Check out. 6. Click on DNS Management and ID protection. These services are free for one year on broaddrive. Click on continue. 7. Now click on Checkout and enter your personal details in the form. Choose the mode of payment you prefer; bank deposit or paystack transfer and click on complete order. Voila, your order is done. Now, make payments and your order will be processed immediately.
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