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What Happens to my Domain Name after it Expires?

What Happens to my Domain Name after it Expires?

Domain names are usually registered for a year and renewed on a yearly basis. It can also be registered for multiple years. However, it is not advised to let your domain name expire. When your domain name stays expires for too long, it can then be bought by competitors, some of whom would want to sabotage your business. Businesses with great traffic are also usually snapped up quickly immediately their domain expires for obvious reasons. It would be a shame to build up your website traffic to immense proportions, only to lose it to someone else for a paltry reason.

Domain Registration/Renewal

You can register or renew your domain name from 1-10 years as long as it does not exceed the time-frame allowed from the registration or renewal date.

Renewal Grace Period

Once your domain exceeds the registration or renewal date, it becomes expired and enters a Renewal Grace Period (RGP) which lasts for 30-45 days based on the registrar and the domain extension. The domain extension refers to the suffix of your domain like .com, .io, .org,, .net, etc.Once this happens, all the services associated with the domain name including the website itself and emails will stop working. The domain status will change to client-hold and the registrar may choose to put it up for auction. If the registrar does not put it up for auction, the domain can be renewed at any time with no penalty charge. The domain cannot be transferred to another registrar unless it is renewed first.

Redemption Period

After the RGP, the domain name enters the Redemption Period of 30 days where you have to pay a redemption fee together with the normal renewal price. The redemption fee is not fixed. It is dependent on the domain extension. The domain name is temporarily auto-renewed. This can be seen in the WHOIS lookup. WHOIS lookup is a site where you can check if a domain name is in use, find out its registrar, when it was registered, when it would expire, the name of the server it is located at, amongst others. Click here to go to WHOIS.

Queued for Deletion

When the Redemption Period is over, the domain status will change to ‘Pending Delete’ at the registry for 5 days. The domain name cannot be redeemed, recovered or renewed at this time.

Available for Registration

At the end of the 5 days period, the domain name will be deleted from the registry and then becomes available to the general public for registration on a first come, firsts serve basis. If your domain has lots of traffic, it will be bought seconds after it is put up for registration to the general public.


It is best to renew your domain name for years or before the expiry date. Choose a hosting service that informs you of an upcoming domain expiry date, weeks before the actual expiry date. Broaddrive offers this service. Our reminder services are automated and free from human errors. Click here to buy a domain name. Click here to choose a Hosting Plan.

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