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Why Your Business Need Custom Emails

Why Your Business Need Custom Emails

After buying your domain name and setting up your website, there are a series of things you need to put in place to solidify your online presence. One such thing is setting up a custom email. A custom email is one that bears your business name instead of a generic name like or Example of such mail is [email protected]. Instead of having the generic mail that we everybody uses like [email protected]. This means your email is customized to rhyme with your company name or whatever extension you want to use. The email itself is one of the leading and widely accepted marketing tools for building connection and getting the needed conversions. 

Why Your Business Needs  Custom Emails 

1. Using a custom email gives a professional stamp to your brand, business or organisation

2. When you have a custom email, people tend to take you and your business more seriously becaiuse it sends out the vibes that you are a professional in your business sphere.

3. When you sen out something like newsletters or email promotions with your customised brand name and not the generic mail, you advertise your brand indirectly.

4. Setting up your custom email with Broaddrive is free.

 How To Set Up Your Customized Email

To set up a customized email for your brand or company, you need a domain name. If you don’t have domain name, click HERE. The clear fact is, you can get a domain email address from the cPanel given to you by the hosting company you are using. Getting a domain name and hosting all from the same platform is very good because you don’t have to configure your nameservers or fiddle around with DNS settings.

For this blog post, the hosting company we will use is Broaddrive.

Now, to create your customized email you have to

  • Log into your control panel or cPanel
  • Click Email Accounts in the Email section.
  • Fill the form and click Create Account: It is best you choose a domain mail name that is related to your brand.
  • You might probably see this exact notification that reads: “Account Created”. The email account will be shown on the same page.

Some business owners may already have so many emails set up in their phones or laptops and may be worried that they would not remember or have the time o check all their emails. To make this easier, you can simply forward the emails you receive in your custom email to any email address of your choice, even a generic email. For example, you can forward emails from [email protected] to [email protected].
Email forwarding is a feature that allows emails coming to your customized mail to be redirected to another email, probably a generic email. The good thing about this concept is that you can set up a domain mail without even changing your mail set up. All you have to do is to just implement your email forwarding. 

How To Link Your Domain Mail To Your Gmail or Yahoo

To link your Domain mail to your Gmail or Yahoo mail, you have to must first set up your email forwarder from your cPanel by

  • Log into your cPanel of your site.
  • Click on Email section and then Forwarders.
  • You have to click on the Add Forwarder button.
  • Input the Gmail address you want the emails to be forwarded to.

Voila, you are all set to go.

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