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Why Your Business Should Use SSD Cloud Hosting

Why Your Business Should Use SSD Cloud Hosting

SSD is an acronym for solid state drive is a high-tech storage medium that makes use of interconnected pools of flash memory managed by an SSD controller to deliver speeds far beyond that of an HDD. HDD is an acronym that means Hard Disk drive is a storage device containing magnetic disk or platters (for storing data) rotating at a very high speed. It is the secondary storage unit of the computer, it is non-volatile in nature that is when the computers switch off and on like the RAM of your computer, information stored in your HDD will remain there except you manually delete or format it. Unlike our normal HDD, SSD does not have any moving part. Compared to HDD, SSD has the following advantages:

1. It is more reliable.

2. Consumes less power

3. It has a faster and noiseless operation.

4. It is smaller and lighter than HDD.


Due to the construction of SSD’s servers with this high-tech feature, their operations relatively are higher and much better than the traditional hosting servers that makes use of HDD memory. That is when you make use of SSD cloud hosting,

  • Your website loads faster than those hosted in HDD servers. This has a positive effect on your Google rankings since Google makes use of page load speed in their rankings which is a measure of how fast it takes for content on your page to load.
  • Statistically, SSD hosting service offers 67% faster speed than the traditional HDD servers as the device spends no time spinning. The reliability and efficiency of SSD cloud hosting are really high since there is no moving part in the storage components. It’s just like USB.
  • It has been scientifically proven that people usually leave websites that spend lots of time loading. In this nano-second millennium, customers are looking for quick and easy services.
  • Most importantly, SSD cloud hosting response rate for website is fast. This hosting is good for everyone, but it is best for businesses that needs require rapid input and output functions. This will yield even more profit as it offers a seamless service to customers.

This means SSD cloud hosting is perfect for e-commerce websites (Websites that primarily sell products online) and for business websites that require client to register, login and such. To opt into this Hosting package or to switch or upgrade to it please click HERE

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