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Things You Should Know About Web Cookies

Things You Should Know About Web Cookies

Have you ever wondered, why contents you looked at yesterday on YouTube get shown back to you Today? Initially, I thought someone was spying on me. Even when I used another browser but with same E-mail, I still got contents, related to my previous search popping up. Don’t be scared, Is web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or just cookie at work.


Cookies are small packets of information sent from a web server to your web browser when you visit a particular website, they are stored in cookies.txt file. They are usually created when the browser of a web user loads a particular website.


Now, let’s see how they work. When someone visits a particular website for the first time, the web server automatically creates cookies for them. Usually, this helps the web server to identify the user and prepare customized Web page for them when they want to use the site some other time. Web cookies help users navigate websites with ease and perfume specific functions such as adding items to cart in an e-commerce site, making it possible to buy things online. They help prevent multiple logging of users to a website.


Session Cookies: Like the ram of a computer system that gets automatically erased once the computer is shut down, Session cookies, on the other hand, get erased once the web user closes the web browser. They help to track the movement of web user within a site and prevent repetition of tasks like adding items to cart. Usually, websites are unable to track the movement of users and the request they make. This makes them treat each request as a new one. The problem here is that you cannot really add any item to the cart when shopping online because when you do, the website will not remember it. Session cookies helps to eliminate this issue.

Persistence Cookies: Similar to the ram of a computer system, persistent cookies remain in your computer’s hard drive until it gets expired or is manually deleted by the user. Closing or shutting down your browser will not delete it. Persistence Cookies are used to provide personalized service to the web user. This usually comes in the form of you seeing ads related to your what you have searched for in another site. It can also be in the form of videos when referring to YouTube.

Dis-enabling web cookies may restrict your access to some website functionalities.

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