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What Is A Domain Name

What Is A Domain Name

As a business owner, a start-up or an entrepreneur, the importance of having an online presence can never be overrated. The world is going digital and as such, businesses that refuse to key into this hot tread will be left out in the race. One of the ways you can set up your online presence is to have a website.

In setting up a website there are key things you need to know, one of such things is a DOMAIN NAME.

In clear teams, your domain name is the name of your website. It comprises of the words (address) you type in your address bar to get a particular website pulled up for you and is unique for all websites. Technically, it is the read-able form of website IP address (internet protocol). We need to be extremely clear here, Your website is not your domain name, a domain name is the key to your website. Without it, your website cannot be located on the web. You can change your domain name and your website will still be the same. It’s just like changing your door key; practically it will not affect your house in any way. It’s the same thing with domain names.

When choosing a domain for your website,

  • Make sure it is related to your brand or business.
  • Keep it short, simple and easy for people to understand and remember.
  • It should not be long or clumsy with many special characters.

Every domain has a small suffix at the end such as .com, .ng etc. These are called domain extensions; they are used to designate the category or country code of a particular website. Now, for your website domain to be valid, it must be registered. To register your website domain name please click DOMAIN to get started.

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